• Lately I have been doing alot of tree work on some forested land. I have been using my compression sleeves and can say that my 63 year old arms were feeling great at the end of the day! I have also tried them at the climbing gym and they are working for me with that activity as well.
  • I work in the tree business, and am a predominantly a ground guy. As any tree person knows, the scratches on the forearms are just a part of tree life. After wearing Great Cedar Compression Sleeves for a few weeks, I no longer look like I have been wrestling wolverines. Gone are the days of scratched up forearms. I wear them when I am working the chipper and also carrying the branches and am definitely a big fan and have added Great Cedar Compression Sleeves to my daily attire. Its totally worth it!
  • 17 Years ago I started working with trees in the forests and always came home scraped up and sore. I have finally found a solution to the explosive high intensity workouts with abrasive trees and shrubs. Great Cedar  compression sleeves are the answer. Providing the muscle support I needed to handle the vibrations of running the chainsaws all day, reducing the fatigue and lactic acid from climbing ropes. Protecting me from getting those annoying cuts and scrapes all over my arms from handling all those trees and shrubs, I always feel recharged and ready to go for the next job.
Owner and operator of Great Cedar Tree Service
  • I love them, they protect me from scratches and sunburn. They are perfect for summer because they don't feel like wearing an extra layer